Day 8 … & I Feel Great

Day one of week two and I’m feeling good. I think I may be starting to feel better about myself little by little… and I don’t find wearing the dresses as annoying or uncomfortable.
….Not to mention wearing only dresses has made laundry way easier, I only have 1/2 the clothes!

Confident End To The Week

So this weekend was really great… and I wore dresses! lol

I started out Friday feeling like a girl all dressed up with no place to go, as I spent the night in relaxing. Yet Saturday I was out and about through out the day and night. I have to say, although I still don’t always feel comfortable wearing dresses everywhere I’m starting to notice I feel slightly more confident.

I went out last night, I didn’t look overly dress. I wore a casual dress and felt good… and I even got hit on quite a few times. (Nothing like attractive men hitting on you to boost your confidence) Then today I wend shopping in a cute casual yellow sundress. It all felt very comfortable to me.

…It’s official, one week down 23 more days to go….and I think I may make it! (And I might feel more confident by the end)

The work week i…

The work week is done, I wore dresses all week… and I’m ready for the weekend!

Day Four Done!

Home from work on day 4 and I couldn’t put my gym shorts on fast enough. The truth is I started this experiment hoping wearing dresses for 30 days would make me feel better about myself, but right now I’d really just prefer comfort. As I sit here I’m in the middle of a confusing breakup, an end that has yet to completely end. I’m stuck in limbo not knowing if we will work things out or if I should just go ahead and move on.

What I do know, no matter the outcome it’s time for me to start feeling better about myself, feel more feminine, and to allow someone to like me. So I plan on continuing with this experiment just to see what happens. 

I Own How Many Dresses

This morning is day 4 and even though I counted 32 dresses in my closet this morning, I feel super limited. That’s right 32DRESSES! I think I feel limited because I don’t usually wear dresses and a lot of my dresses are fancier, and even some of my everyday dresses just seems “too much” for me (even to wear at work). I think it all comes down to the fact that give me jeans and a T-shirt any day! Yet, I push through…even though no one has noticed… or at least no one has said anything. Today- day 4, 26 more days to go!

Day 2 of this Wacky Experement…

Soo it’s day two, and wearing a dress really didn’t seem like a big deal. (probably because it’s really not) No noticeable changes in myself….but it is only day two! Instead I find myself more excited about this experiment as a whole, and thinking of other ideas I would like to try for 30 days.
I want to use this as an outlet to push myself, to experience new things, and to gain a glimpse into other people’s lives. I know that starting with 30 days of dresses seems silly, but for me its just a starting point, but I do worry if I will stick with it. I hope I don’t just decide the entire thing is silly and bail on the project (only time will really tell). So for now I mark off day two of my first experiment and try to envision this as a start as the beginning of something potentially big.

Let The First 30 Days Begin!

So it all begins with a challenge…Actually it began with a joke and a discussion about the fact that I own soo many dresses yet rarely wear them. The fact is I probably have enough dresses to wear one everyday for a month and with that statement began the challenge.

30 days of dresses!

Now it may sound somewhat silly, but with that idea comes a bigger idea & an even bigger challenge.

To do something different, out of my comfort zone 30 days at a time.

So it begins with dresses & the hope to evolve into something bigger. To learn as a person, by doing something that may seem relatively small but takes me out of my everyday comfort zone. Then write about it everyday to help me discover the changes I undergo…if any. With that said today is the first day and this is the first post. Needless to say I’m not the most graceful girl, nor am I the most girly girl (hence why I don’t wear dresses very often) but I strive to be (hence why I own soo many dresses without really wearing them).

….and to Illustrate my point I have to tell you that within 20 minutes of getting to work I split coffee on my dress. On a brighter note I forgot I had a meeting at work today, and the fact I wore a dress vs. jeans and a T was probably for the better.


(Boy do I look excited… & not to self, clean my mirror!)